What is EduGrowth?

Our story

We are a national not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting and promoting the edtech sector. We are supported by our six founding members: Navitas, Deakin University, La Trobe University, Monash University, Charles Sturt University and Griffith University.

We are driven by the belief that Australia has the expertise and ambition to become a world leader in the business of education. With this belief comes a bold ambition to see 100 million learners educated globally per annum, by 2025, through Australia education. To do this, we are growing the Australia edtech community, building a national network across the education sector and advocating for edtech.

What is edtech?

Education technology refers to the effective use of technological tools for learning. Edtech covers a diversity of elements of an educational lifecycle. Most edtech products can be classified under the following sub-sectors: recruitment and admissions; online course provision; testing and assessment; teaching and learning; accreditation and credentials management; data analytics; internship management; student financing; parental engagement and infrastructure tools such as learning management systems.

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Patrick Brothers

CEO Navitas Ventures

Beverley Oliver

DVC Education, Deakin University

Martin Beeche

Founder and CEO, Prosper Education

Tony Brennan

CEO and Founder, Talisium


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