EdTech Pre-Accelerator

It all starts with a great idea

Our EdTech Pre-accelerator is an online program for recently launched or not yet formed education technology startup founders. A 6 week program designed to help you get your business off the ground, it gives you access to inspiring EdTech founders and leaders with practical content to assist in launching and accelerating your EdTech business.

Using a blended learning approach, the program will be available nationally, delivered in collaboration with our trainers and mentor network. You’ll learn how to critically analyse your ideas, test your product’s validity and understand key markets.

The program will conclude with a demo day, giving you a chance to pitch your business to potential investors and secure the feedback you need to progress.

  • Online 6 week EdTech pre-accelerator (6 live sessions over the 6 weeks, 1 hour live session each week from 7pm-8pm AEST – all session are on Monday nights)
  • 2 hours per week time requirement (1 hour live session each week, 1 hour of practical exercise to complete after the session)
  • First session begins later this year on Facebook live (you will be invited to a private Facebook group closer to the date for these sessions)
  • Format: Live classes using Facebook Live, slide decks provided through our online learning platform
  • 1 hour of practical exercises will be set for each week
  • Live online mentor Q+A sessions on the Friday of each week between 11am-12pm
  • Cost: Free
  • Next Intake: Begins 4th September –  Enrol Free Now

Instructors from Companies including


Each state winner receives:

  • The top 5 teams from each state will be invited to pitch their startup at the EduGrowth Accelerator Pitch night (held in each capital – specific city dates to be announced during the program)
  • General Assembly $100 classes and workshop credit from General Assembly for each capital city winner
  • Invision 3 months free Invision (prototyping app) valued at $45
  • General Standards 1 hour Legal consultation from General Standards valued at $199
  • 3P Learning 1 hour sales coaching consultation

If you have more questions on our EdTechPre-Accelerator please email hello@edugrowth.org.au

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  • Week 1: EdTech overview and opportunities to solve in the industry

    • Instructor: Maria Spies (Navitas)
    • Outcome 1: Understand the EdTech landscape
    • Outcome 2: Discover potential problems to solve in EdTech
    • Outcome 3: Understand the Lean Canvas in particular the problem

  • Week 2: Ideation and how to identify your EdTech problem to solve

    • Outcome 1: Understand how to filter various opportunities in EdTech
    • Outcome 2: Learn how to collect problem statement information from potential customers
    • Outcome 3: Uncover existing solution for problems you are looking to solve

  • Week 3: Customer Development Basics

    • Instructor: Scott Smith
    • Outcome 1: Learn how to conduct problem interviews
    • Outcome 2: Understand how to analyse on problem interview data
    • Outcome 3: Build a solution interview using problem interview data

  • Week 4: Testing and Prototyping

    • Instructor: Jack Goodman (Your Tutor)
    • Outcome 1: Learn how to conduct solution interviews
    • Outcome 2: Understand how to build simple prototypes to articulate your idea
    • Outcome 3: Learn to analyse solution interview data to improve your solution

  • Week 5: Business Models - Common business models in EdTech

    • Instructor: Ben Cochrane (EduGrowth)
    • Outcome 1: Understand various business models in EdTech
    • Outcome 2: Understand why certain EdTech businesses did not succeed under certain business models
    • Outcome 3: Build out a potential business model and critically analyse it’s pros and cons

  • Week 6: Marketing, Sales and Distribution

    • Instructor: Gerard Manion (People Plan)
    • Outcome 1: Understand best practise sales processes to schools and universities
    • Outcome 2: Understand how to consider partnership opportunities to maximise growth
    • Outcome 3: Understand and apply marketing and positioning of your potential product to your target customer

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