Tertiary Pilot Program

For edtech partners in tertiary education

The edtech pilot program is designed to connect our tertiary education institutions with edtech startups, to develop the next generation of educational products.

The program aims to:

  • Connect edtech startups with key customers in the tertiary sector
  • Facilitate a process of testing and feedback
  • Drive product development and effectiveness outcomes

Work with respected education partners

How it works

Applications are open to all edtech companies across Australia, with products or services designed for the tertiary education market. Companies must be registered in Australia, with an existing product or service ready to test.

Your application will be assessed on the following – relevance, value, viability and scalability.


Before you apply

The aim of this pilot program is to facilitate the best opportunities for startups to connect with potential customers. However, there are no guarantees. EduGrowth will provide guidance to participants on the process, with final arrangements to be agreed by both parties.

Challenges in the Tertiary Education Sector

The following five themes have been identified as critical challenges for the sector. These are a guide to assist you in preparing your application. If your startup idea doesn’t fit within these themes, describe the challenge you have identified: what is it and why is it a problem? Validating your problem is an important step to successfully piloting with any institution.

1. Assessment

Robust and authentic assessment methods are critical to the integrity of the tertiary education system. How can institutions meet the demands of a growing student population with efficiency and efficacy?

2. Credentials

In today’s economy, lifelong learning is fundamental to the success of career development. How can institutions capitalise on this movement to micro-credentials, offering ways to credential learning and experience that add value to employability.

3. Bridging the Gap

Preparing a student to meet the demands of the workforce is increasingly critical to graduate success. Industry is calling for better prepared graduates, and students are looking for practical experience to apply their academic learning. How can tertiary institutions develop a more rounded graduate experience?

4. Global Learners

Education is Australia’s largest service export, delivering $16bn to the economy in 2016. How can tertiary institutions continue to expand beyond borders to reach a global community of learners, actively participating in the Australian education sector?

5. Active Learning

Emerging technologies offer new opportunities to create active learning experiences. How can tertiary institutions adopt new technology to enhance student engagement and potentially minimise costs without jeopardising academic integrity?

The application process

The application cut off date is 19 May however applications will continue to be reviewed on a rolling basis.




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